Hills Air Support LLC History

LD 14 years of service!!

Established in 1996 by Scott and Kim Hill.

Hills Air Support LLC is a very successful family owned and operated business. Serving the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan area. Hills Air Support LLC can provide its customers with one of a kind specialized transportation and logistical services at a competitive price. Scott began driving our one truck operation in 1996 and has since grown our company to a 20 man driving team. Through blood, sweat and tears, Scott has created a professional customer service company with attention to all details that strive on unparrell services. Hills Air Support LLC strives on image, professionalism and is committed to providing its customers with exceptional services.

Hills Air Support Staff

President: Kim Hill

Vice President: Scott Hill

Accounting: Bethany Hill

Marketing/Safety: Brittany Ray 

AM Dispatch: Chance M.

Operations/Dock Manager: Tim L.

PM Dispatch: Jose C.

Office Asst.: Grace


J.D M.                   Derek H.

Laderrion R.          Val W.

Russel F.                Dexter C.

Calvin W.              Steven H.

Myron R.               Manny M.

Richard A.             Kyle K. 

​Trebor H.              Darrell S.

Eddie A.